Body transformation can be pleasant and fun

We are not going to talk about the usual diet and the laborious task of counting calories, but the program that is used in an easy and interesting way to lose excess pounds. This method is based on a holistic approach, according to which the client is viewed in their entirety, with all their individual characteristics. So, the daily rhythm of the individual is followed, when, what and how much a person eats, whether they practices some physical activity … Gradually, and always in cooperation with the client, changes are introduced in their diet and life, so that the client changes their habits in an interesting and motivating way. What particularly pleases customers is that they do not have to keep a strict diet and change “from the root” nor must they become vegetarians, and they can continue to be vegetarians if they already are or to become one if they want to.

In cooperation with the client one of the goals is to speed up metabolism, especially taking into account that the body enjoys the process of its transformation. It is very important for the body to get all the necessary nutrients so a person can function well and has more strength; especially if a person has long working hours or most of the time spend is learning – preparing exams. Through the nutrition program physical activity is introduced slowly, only a walk with an appropriate rhythm on the way to work or school may be sufficient. You do not have to burden your body beyond its limits to be slim and healthy.


Graziano Dominici went to School of Medicine at the University of Turin, and then specialized in physical therapy in Novara and Verona, Italy.  He also  specialized nutrition in USA. He currently lives and works mainly in Turin (north of Italy).

In addition to his medical practice, Graziano Dominici has been very successful in coaching. He is able to recognize patterns of thinking and behaviour of people very quickly, and he works with the client on transformation in order to obtain the desired results. While working with people he has developed and he is still developing a coaching methodology, which combines with his acquired knowledge in medicine and nutrition. In this way, body transformation can be pleasant and fun.