DSMt experience

Dear Graziano,

Your work with people is so deep, healing and fast, that a person you’ve treated just jumps as soon as the treatment finished and runs back to life from which she was tired and hurt before your treatment.
No time to say “Thank you” 😉
So, thank you 🙂

I feel so much better. I know, though you didn’t tell me, that you “removed” from my body and it’s memory the pain, sadness and worry about some people I love and that are close to me, that were and are addicted to alcohol. That, 36 years old pain, was part of me.

Thanks to you, I’ve turned 37, without that “rock” in me. My relationship with my father is now less stressed for me.
I feel that I am in peace with my ex boyfriend, because his alcoholism was the reason why we couldn’t connect. Because I was “full” of it. I couldn’t help him, either.
Now I am no longer personally connected to the alcoholism of people I love and I still love them.

I also feel that I have given myself more space… And sometimes I feel that I and everybody else can “spread all over the place”.

Thank you for reminding me that we have that power 🙂

I am grateful to a friend of mine Biljana, who recognized your true and powerful gift and skill to “read the mind and soul” of people’s bodies, and invited you to our country.

As an actress, I knew that body “remembers” and “thinks”, but I didn’t know that the pain can be so present, so deep inside, forgotten, stealing your everyday joy. Thank you for removing it.

I also want to say “Thanks” to the Google Translate program, who helped me in writing this letter 😉

If possible, I would like that this letter becomes public.
Yes, I am taking the space 🙂
But I also feel that we, humans, keep our troubles as secrets, but with good news it is the opposite. We feel like melting down.

All the best in your work,
Best regards from Belgrade,