Almond Milk Cappuccino

Almond Milk Cappuccino

Ready in a matter of minutes and made in the comfort of your own kitchen: A dairy-free, free from sugary syrups, vegan and paleo friendly Almond Milk Cappuccino! So delicious and super easy to make!
Author: Joscelyn Abreu
Recipe type: Drink
Serves: 1 serving

1-2 shots of espresso or 4 ounces of strong coffee
¼ – ½ cup unsweetened almond milk, depending on how much milk you like in your coffee. Recipe to make your own almond milk here.*
Coconut Sugar or sweetener of choice, to taste
sprinkle of Cinnamon, optional
milk frother to foam milk


Heat almond milk in a microwave safe mug for 30 seconds or in a small saucepan on the stove just until very warm. Meanwhile, begin to brew your coffee or espresso. Pour hot coffee/espresso into an 8 oz. mug and sweeten, to taste.
When the milk is heated, it’s time to froth. At this point you can mix in a bit of sugar/sweetener to your warmed milk, if you’d like. Submerge whisk part of the milk frother into the warmed milk and power on. Froth the milk for 20-30 seconds or until it begins to foam up and double in size.

Use a spoon to hold back the foam part of the milk and pour the rest of the warm milk into your coffee. Spoon the thick foam on top and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon or garnish with a cinnamon stick. Makes 1 cappuccino.
*Not all brands of almond milk froth well. Blue Diamond, 365 brand Organic Almond Milk from Whole Foods, and Califia Farms Almondmilk work well for me.

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