Nutrition – hairdresser

I have been having regular sessions about my nutrition with Graziano for about six months. In these six months, my energy levels are higher than ever before, I sleep better and my skin is much more elastic and clearer. When I went to my hairdresser last week, she asked me “what supplements are you taking? You have more hair and it is so healthy!” Hahaha, thanks to Graziano everyone around me is noticing the transformation in my body and wellbeing! Very grateful for your tips and such easy to follow advice!

S.D., UK

Nutrition plan with Graziano Dominici

I have been following a nutrition plan with Graziano Dominici for the last six months. I have shed several kilos and my skin is more elastic and healthy looking. But what I experienced at an international airport “proved” the transformation my body has undergone since I started the nutrition plan with Graziano. I was stopped at security and asked what my age is. They wouldn’t believe my date of birth in my passport as they thought I was 12 years younger than what was written!!! This is thanks to the great nutrition plan you suggested, Graziano. I’m so grateful and I’m having much more fun with embodiment 🙂